Elemis -  Pro-Collagen Renewal Serum

Elemis - Pro-Collagen Renewal Serum

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Boost your anti-ageing benefits and with this powerful, yet skin-kind rejuvenating treatment. An effective alternative to retinol, this clinically proven* concentrate significantly reduces the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, whilst hydrating and supporting the skin’s moisture levels. 

Pro-Collagen Renewal Serum is infused with a cutting-edge blend of Padina Pavonica and Red Microalgae, along with Alfalfa and Stevia extracts that deliver retinol-like benefits without the irritation. The advanced formula also minimises the look of discolouration, sun damage and pores for visibly improved skin clarity. Gentle enough for daily use, your complexion will be left looking significantly more youthful, firmer and renewed.

97% agreed this provided all the anti-ageing benefits of retinol without over drying or irritation.**

97% agreed this improved the appearance of sun damaged skin.**

97% agreed this product was kind to their skin, but delivered powerful anti-ageing results.**

91% agreed this dramatically reduced the look of fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines.**

91% agreed they would choose this product over a traditional retinol.**

*Independent Clinical Trials 2020. Results based on 37 people over 4 weeks.
**Independent User Trials 2020. Results based on 37 people over 4 weeks.


萃取來自地中海的海扇藻、紅藻精華 ,汲取海洋藻類生物強大的修復能力,達到視黃醇(Retinol) 般的功效,促進細胞更新,修復紫外線對肌膚的傷害,有效改善細紋、皺紋,提升肌膚彈性及緊緻度,讓肌膚更柔滑細緻,回復年輕光采,告別衰老。

  • 臨床證明能淡化細紋、皺紋*
  • 臨床證明可使肌膚更緊緻有彈性*
  • 97%使用者同意能提供視黄醇(Retinol)般的功效並不會刺激肌膚*
  • 97%使用者同意能修復紫外線對肌膚的傷害**
  • 97%使用者同意在肌膚上感覺溫和但能夠達到強效的抗衰老功效**
  • 91%使用者同意能明顯減淡細紋、皺紋、表情紋**
  • 91%使用者同意比起傳統的視黃醇會選擇使用此精華**